Our Expertise

We have provided guidance and assistance to over 800 mass concrete projects throughout the world. Our services include development of low temperature rise concretes, thermal modeling, development of thermal control plans, design of cooling pipe systems, and/or assessment of temperature-related distress. Some of these projects include:



  • TappanZee Bridge, I278, NY
  • Goethals Bridge, I287, NY
  • Benicia-Martinez Bridge, I580, near Oakland, CA
  • San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, I80, CA
  • Port Mann Bridge, Vancouver, BC
  • Galena Creek Bridge, I580, Reno, NV
  • Woodrow Wilson Bridge, I95, Washington DC
  • SR520 Floating Bridge, Seattle, WA


  • Boston Big Dig, I90/93, MA
  • East End Tunnel, Louisville, KY
  • Midtown Tunnel, Norfolk, VA

Hydropower and Dams

  • Holtwood Hydrostation, PA
  • Wanapum Dam, WA
  • Rainbow Dam, MT
  • Keeyask Hydrostation, MB
  • Ruskin Dam, Vancouver, BC
  • Folsom Dam Upgrades (various contracts), CA
  • Mississippi River Lock 22/25 Expansion Study (NESP), IL
  • Olmstead Lock and Dam, KY
  • Charleroi Lock, WV

Tall Buildings

  • Wilshire Grand Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
  • Salesforce Tower, San Francisco, CA
  • World Trade Center, New York City, NY
  • Trump Tower, Chicago, IL
  • Tower Palace III, Seoul, South Korea


  • GIWW Pump Station and Gate Structure, LA
  • Hibernia Drilling Platform, North Atlantic Ocean
  • Jamaraat Bridge, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • §Electric Boat Graving Dock, Groton, CT
  • McCook Reservoir TARP Gate Structure, IL