Construction-Phase Services



Mass concrete can be a significant cost center for a project.  Know your costs and risks before you bid.  MJ2 Consulting can provide you with a free estimates of thermal control plan costs, as well as our experience and guidance on potential pitfalls before you submit your bid.  Give us a call to discuss your project, specifications, concrete mixtures, and other concrete issues that are on your mind.



 Concrete placement in extreme conditions presents a challenge for even the best contractors.  Variable weather, local site conditions, concrete temperature, relative humidity, and concrete mixture proportions can all affect the quality of finished concrete. Be prepared by developing a written plan so that you are not caught by surprise.  

MJ2 Consulting can develop a tailored plan specific to your job, suitable for submittal to the EOR.  Get guidance to avoid trouble before it happens.  

  • Hot weather concrete plans
  • Cold weather concrete plans
  • Tremie concrete plans



Low strength? Variable air? Consolidation issues?  Cold joints?  We have seen it all.  No one wants construction issues, but they are an inevitable part of the built world.  

If you get into trouble, give us a call.  We're happy to discuss your problem and see how MJ2 can help.

Peer Review


Modern concrete drawings and specifications must be aligned with the technical needs and constructability of the project.  MJ2 Consulting's combined decades of experience in forensic investigations provides us unique insight into common pitfalls on a project.   

MJ2 Consulting can provide a peer review of the concrete portion of drawings and specifications on your next project, to look for common pitfalls and issues.  This work can help keep you out of trouble.   

Concrete Mixture Optimization


Constructability, service life, specification conformance, cost.  Every aspect of the job needs to be considered when developing a concrete mixture.   MJ2 Consulting experts consider all aspects of concrete performance when working with you on concrete mixtures for your project.